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  Paper Submission can be done by sending directly to : registration@ichaseeit.iisrcrcc.com

Registration opened …

For Registration Payment System, ( ie, Bank Wire Transfer Method ), please contact to :  registration@ichaseeit.iisrcrcc.com

Onbehalf of as an Organizer, It's our great pleasure to welcome you on ICHASEEIT 2017 - Rome, Italy from November 11 - 12, 2017 . TheInternational Conference on Human Aspects of Software Engineering and Electro Information  Technology  ( ICHASEEIT  2017 ) is intended to provide an international forum where researchers, practitioners, and professionals interested in the advances in, and applications of Software Engineering and electro Information Technology can exchange the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas through presentation and discussion. The organizing committee is pleased to invite all engineers, physicians, scientists, technicians, and technologists to attend and help shape the future of Software Engineering and Electro Information Technology .

This conference enables interdisciplinary collaboration among  Computer Science, Engineering and Electro Information Technology in the academic and industrial fields as well as networking internationally. During the conference, there should be substantial time for presentation and discussion. In addition, poster sessions and exhibitions offer ample opportunity for information exchange among delegates and participants, especially for those who are looking for new opportunity between presenters and participants. Attendees will find various activities useful in bringing together a diverse group of Computer Science from across disciplines for the generation of new ideas, collaboration potential and business opportunities.
On behalf of the organizing committee of the ICHASEEIT 2017, it is our pleasure to invite you to this international meeting which will take place at the Rome, Italy . We are looking forward to seeing you for this conference in the latest trends, topics and developments . we hope you will enjoy the stay in this wonderful place in  Rome, Italy  .
Paper Publication : 
All the accepted / Registered papers will be published in well known International Journals and indexed at Scopus and other Indexing services .
Types of your Contributions :
Authors can present their contributions in different modalities : ie. in person (either oral or poster presentation) , as a virtually (not attending authors) Presenter and as a Listener only .
Attending in person as Oral Presentation :
Each presentation will last 35 – 45 minutes and will be presented in parallel thematic sessions. You will be informed about the reference of your session and the time of your presentation about 3 weeks before the event. If you have any personal restriction to present your paper in a specific date, please send us an email with your request as soon as possible.
Attending in person. Poster presentation:
Your poster will be exhibited during the conference poster session. Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for authors to display the results and conclusions of their papers. Authors are offered to present their works face to face to individuals and small groups .
Not-attending as a Virtual presentation
If you wish your paper to be present and published in  International Journals and conference  Publications, but you are not able to attend ICHASEEIT 2017 Conference in person, you can register for a “virtual presentation”. Registered virtual authors will receive a copy of the ICHASEEIT 2017 Abstracts CD, Proceedings , a participation and author certificate and an invoice of the registration fee and all the other conference materials. We will deliver all these materials via postal to your address .

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